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After the shareholding modification of Guangdong Huamei Group Co., Ltd., the former executive team established the "Welmetal" to continue adhering to the brand "Huamei" and its quality "Quality First".

"Welmetal" inherited and optimized layout of the original Guangdong Huamei Group's "Huamei steel", "Huaqing" and "Huamei resources" businesses. Its annual production and sales scale is up to 3 million tons. And its ability of resource integration, brand impact and value sharing gets to elevate.

In 1979, Shekou Industrial Zone of China Merchants was established, and started to introduce foreign investment and prepare for Welmetal Steel Company.

In 1981, Welmetal Steel production line was broken ground. The chief commander of Shekou Industrial Zone,Yuan Geng presided over the foundation-laying ceremony.

In 1983, rolling line had trial production. At the same year, Yuan Geng accompanied the former vice premier of the State Council, Gu Mu, and Foreign Minister, Huang Hua to visit Welmetal Steel.

In 1993, Qingdao Iron and Steel Group Co。,Ltd hold Welmetal Steel。

In 2002, Shenzhen Welmetal Iron and Steel Group Co., Ltd. was established, its service extended from the traditional industry to the metallurgical industry, logistics services, electronic technology and bio-pharmaceuticals.

In 2008, Welmetal Steel production line was upgraded and reformed, and officially moved to Welmetal Materials Industrial Park in Baoan District.

In 2010, the new production line succeeded in thermal load production, with the annual output of 1 million tones. At the same year, it produced all series of high strength anti-seismic steel bars in national standard,and it succeeded in producing Φ50mm rebar complying British Standard with G460 and B500B steel bar, and made it available in Hong Kong, Macau and Southeast Asian markets.

In 2014, after the shareholding modification of Guangdong Huamei Group Co。, Ltd。, the former executive team established the "Welmetal Investment"。

April 2015, in the development of the main industry, the company invested Chuan Chuan Technology ,Chuan Chuan will serve for customers on the basis of improving the apparel industry supply chain model。

September 2015, in the development of the main industry, the company invested Baili Harbor biotechnology company, Baili Harbor will build China's most professional biological biomedical innovation platform.

October 2015, Shenzhen, Jinchengtong Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd. was established by the Welmetal employee equity participation, to provide specialized logistics and distribution services, to achieve zero distance with customers.

In April 2016, the rebar production lines, production license and the product brand officially was landed in Guangdong Heyuan lian Hill, to achieve full specifications 400E products supporting the production and sales.

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